About Jack La Lanne's Power Juicer

The Jack LaLanne Power Juicer is a healthy and simple alternative to store-bought juice and power drinks. Its extra large chute accommodates most whole fruits and vegetables. This means no cutting or chopping. No mess required! The Power Juicer features a non-drip spout in most models so you can quickly and easily switch glasses. It is also dishwasher safe for easy clean up. The Power Juicer’s special patented extraction technology delivers up to 30% more juice than other juicers* and less pulp.

Every juicer has built-in safety features and holds a high performance 3,600-RPM induction motor with a lifetime warranty. You’ll get healthy living for life with Jack LaLanne’s Power Juicer. It comes with exciting and delicious recipes for everyone. With a variety of models and colors, the Power Juicer is a perfect fit for any kitchen of any size.

*Amounts of juice will vary depending upon ripeness and size of different fruits & vegetables and results will vary for different juicer.
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About Jack La Lanne's Power Juicer


    1. Brian says:

      Dear Friends: how do I clean the juicer blade? It turns light brown that only comes off if I scrape it with the edge of a knife. Yes, lots of carrots. I scrub and scrub and that stuff won’t come off – even if I get it down to shiny metal with scraping, I can’t keep it that way with just scrubbing.

    2. admin says:

      Hi Brian,

      Please follow the link below for helpful hints on how to care for your Power Juicer.


    3. MArio Moreno Segarra says:

      Hi, i need to know how is the weight of the professional pack power juicer. Excuse my english.

    4. mohammad chabti says:


      How much is the juicer motor power in watts. Like 600, 900, 1200 watt, etc.

      Thank you.

    5. admin says:

      250 WATTS

    6. admin says:

      13 POUNDS

    7. EM says:

      250 watts!
      I’m astonished. I was interested in purchasing until I found this blog reporting the Power Juicer motor is only 250 watts.
      I would prefer to go back to look at other brands, with juicer motors rated at 1,000, 1,300, and even a 1,500 watt motor.
      Compared to these – the Power Juicer does not even rate.
      So …… it would be helpful if somewhere, on any of the worldwide Power Juicer sites – someone could confirm the MOTOR wattage (and perhaps not the voltage?). Motor wattage information cannot be found anywhere – even from customer service. 2,900 RPM or 3,600 RPM is not the information I’m looking for.

    8. admin says:

      250 Watts 3,600 RPMS

    9. cris says:

      I bought a Jack La Lanne’s power juicer from Guam and brought it to Manila – it is indicated in the unit that it is 120V. I was trying to buy a transformer because it is 220V in Manila but the store is asking me for the wattage. Can you tell me what is the wattage of the power juicer and what transformer should I buy?

    10. admin says:

      Hi Cris, We do not recommend buying a transformer for the Power Juicer. Each Power Juicer is manufactured to fit a specific country’s specifications. Thank you.

    11. bryan says:

      Hi, this is Bryan from the Philippines and i’m interested in getting a Powerjuicer.

      I found a distributor here selling the Deluxe model at the cheapest price with a 1-year warranty. Its websites are below.


      There’s a statement from there though that got me worried. It says ”

      Note: Made for Asian Market – specially converted to AC 220Volt version from 110v of

      Jack LaLanne’s Power Juicer USA which is also made in China. Because of their poor english ability some grammars & spellings are wrongly printed other than that is all the same with the 110v version.”

      Would you guys be able to confirm if the company is an authorized distributor of ORIGINAL Powerjuicers? Or at the very least, do grammar and spelling errors really exist in your manuals?


    12. admin says:

      Hi Bryan, that is not one of our distributors. I am going to forward your e-mail address to our international department where they can better assist you. Thank you.

    13. Nica says:

      Hi there. This is Nica from the Philippines. I am planning on purchasing a power juicer for my mom. I saw the links provided by Bryan above as well. Could you please forward my email address to your department? Thank you.

    14. admin says:

      No problem. Thank you.

    15. hersheis says:

      HSN tv shopping here in Phil. is really the exclusive distributor of Jack Lalaine’s Power Juicer?


    16. Flo from Germany says:

      hello, I wanted to know how is the price for shipping the power juicer to germany?

      greets from Berlin / Germany

    17. admin says:

      I am going to forward your e-mail address to our international department. Someone will get back to you about places in Germany that are going to start selling the Power Juicer. Thank you.

    18. angelica says:

      where can i buy the power juicer here in metro manila phils.? where also in hong kong. pls reply thanks

    19. john b says:

      I’m also living in berlin/germany and haven’t found a shop over here that sells the power juicer express in red. I’m interested in the “buy one get one free” offer but there is no shipping to germany offered and no help-email-adress.

      thanks a lot….greeting from berlin…john

    20. admin says:

      John, please go to our website, http://www.powerjuicer.com and e-mail our international department. Thank you.

    21. Sajida says:

      I am intreste in the power Jack lalanne power Juicer. Which one of the “Jack lalanne power jucers ” give the maximum amount of juice.

      Sorry,I have had a look at the comparsion page in this website but it did not give me a good understanding.

    22. admin says:

      Sajida, each juicer gives the same great amount of juice. The model depends on what more fits your need. The Express is more compact and smaller but can still do the job of the bigger juicers.

    23. Angela says:

      I recently bought a replacement blade for the original power juicer, but the blade I received isn’t compatible with my machine which I bought in 2004. I tried calling both customer service numbers on the invoice and I can’t retrieve an email address from the power juicer website. If you can offer any assistance, I would be grateful. Thank you.

    24. Joy says:

      Hi this is Joy from Manila Philippines, I would also like to ask where can i buy the power juicer. Thank you so much.

    25. admin says:

      Joy, we will send your email address to our international department and they will get back to you. Thank you!

    26. admin says:


      Please contact 1 (973) 287-5150 for assistance with this. Thank you.

    27. Angela says:

      Yes I called that number and I couldn’t speak to an operator to answer my question. Is there a way to speak to an operator and not an automated message system?

    28. Hi this is Randy from Manila Philippines, I would also like to ask where can i buy the power juicer. Thank you so much.

    29. Nica says:

      Hi there. I did receive an email last year but there was no mention of where I could purchase your product. I would really like to get this item as soon as possible for my mom. Could you please forward my email address again to your international department (and pray that they would answer my queries)?

      Thank you for your time. :)

    30. Tina K @ Power Juicer says:

      Hello Nica,

      What country are you from?

      Thank you.

    31. Chris says:

      I am interested in buying a Power Juicer but am having dificulty determining which one. What is “Soy Technology” for the Elite. What benefit does the stainless steel mesh filter have?

    32. Tina K @ Power Juicer says:

      Hello Chris. Soy Technology in the Power Juicer Elite allows you to make milk alternatives such as soy milk. Also, the stainless steel mesh filter is more durable. Thank you for your interest.

    33. yuan says:

      Juice have hairdressing effect, I is still considering whether to buy.

    34. Audrey says:

      I’m wondering about the fiber content in the juice and which foods are best for fiber in the juicer if it is not all in the discarded portion.

    35. Tina K @ Power Juicer says:

      If you are trying to keep fiber in your food, we actually recommend taking some of the pulp and putting it in your juice.

    36. Good day to you Kristina! I am from Manila Philippines and I would also like to buy this power juicer…Please help… thanks…

    37. Kim Kestler says:

      I recently purchased a power juicer from a friend and she could not find the instruction booklet, could you tell me where I can find one? Thanks.

About Jack La Lanne's Power Juicer

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