A few healthy solutions for picky little eaters

January 10, 2012 in Health Information, Juicing Recipes, Power Juicer Kids

I am a health blogger, marathon runner and someone who has dedicated myself to nutrition. I am also the mom to a very, picky four year old.

It’s been a tough road. Here I am, sharing all this healthy advice and then feeding my toddler chicken nuggets and french fries under the table – anything to get that kid to eat. I know. I know. I’m not proud.

Something had to give. I did not want to lead my child on an early road to childhood obesity and bad health. I had to do better and figure it out.

The answer was right on my kitchen counter. My Power Juicer!

I began to make homemade apple juice (and would throw in a carrot, maybe a small piece of celery or some berries) and he would drink it like any other juice – 3 times a day! I went from almost 0 veggies to 5 or more servings just like that.

My son likes pancakes, so I started to sneak some of the carrot / apple pulp into the mix. He loves them!

I also began to make my own homemade chicken nuggets. I slice up chicken breast, dip in egg, use whole wheat bread crumbs and pan fry in a tablespoon of olive oil. It takes a little extra time but it’s a good alternative to the processed ones from a fast food place.

I’ve switched his macaroni and cheese to whole wheat pasta, low fat cheese and 1% milk – I’ve tried to sneak some broccoli in there but that’s been unsuccessful. Ya can’t win them all.

I dip strawberries and bananas in chocolate for sweet treats.

I make a lot of smoothies for him now. He loves this banana mango smoothie recipe for example and he loves these Strawberry Yogurt Bars.

So those have been a few of the solutions I have found for my picky little eater. How about you? Do you have a picky eater? What has been some of your food solutions?

Image: Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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